15.04.2013 - WITTENSTEIN alpha
A unique achievement – rugged drive solutions for extreme environments

The ability to drive, manufacture and pack reliably in a hygienically clean environment is a top priority in industries like food processing or pharmaceuticals.

Our new Hygienic Design gearhead series gives you novel, exclusive drive solutions tailored to your application. 

Hygienic Design – a reliable strategy for hygienic production

Benefits for you:
- optimal sealing properties
- suited for hygienic production
- new design freedom because the drive is integrated directly in the process
- fast, efficient and reliable cleaning
- high-pressure cleaning also possible depending on the operating environment
- all standard motor mounting concepts
- special hygienic steel affords excellent resistance to corrosion

Hygienic Design vs. conventional solutions

For detailed information and technical data, please refer to our new product flyer and press release.