Interactive mechatronic drive technology

Industry 4.0 as a hands-on experience: visitors to the Hanover Fair are invited to control an exhibit using their smartphone

The WITTENSTEIN exhibit at the Hanover Fair 2014 focuses on the "Factor S – Secure mechatronic drive technology". An impressive working model – a communication enabled mechatronic drive system on which a rotating 115 kg arm is braked with very high dynamics, extremely fast and without vibration using a smartphone – demonstrates the many different aspects that add up to reliable and secure sizing of mechatronic drive systems.

The causal link between security, safety, reliability and controllability is illustrated in this way along with the importance of secure data in tomorrow's communication enabled electric powertrains – particularly with Industry 4.0 in mind.


Many different security aspects integrated

The three metre high, rotating model is being used by WITTENSTEIN to present the many different aspects of security in mechatronic drive technology. The relationship between the size of the drive system and the moving mass testifies to WITTENSTEIN's ability to control systemic complexity reliably. Mechanical safety is demonstrated very impressively: the moving mass is braked with very high dynamics, extremely fast and absolutely precisely without vibration.

The fact that the working model can be interactively operated by fair visitors helps underline the relevance of data security in mechatronic drive technology. This smart drive system from the WITTENSTEIN stable can be controlled using an ordinary smartphone or tablet. At the same time, the model transmits position and status information to the mobile devices in real time and sends appropriate e-mails. In other words, it simultaneously demonstrates several central aspects of the security strategy: security through reliability and operation free from defects, security through safe operation and data security when the monitoring results are processed and transferred.


Control of interconnected business and value creation processes creates future security

Control complexity, minimize risks, create security – the working model at the WITTENSTEIN booth shows how the company's products and solutions control the many different safety and security requirements of interconnected business and value creation processes reliably and in doing so provides the highest possible future security from both the commercial and the technology perspective.